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Meet the 

I really enjoy photographing people, in natural light and natural environments. Love how each and every person is so unique, with their backgrounds, gifts, looks and personalities. 


As a photographer, I want to capture the genuine, relaxed and vibrant. I want you to feel comfortable and yourself, and I'd rather capture emotions than perfection. I want to capture moments that you can look back on and remember with warmth. As a photographer, I am flexible and relaxed and my goal with photography is to create something beautiful and capture moments according to your wishes. 

Do you need portrait photos, company photos, wedding photos, photos of you and your partner, student photos, family photos or photos at events or parties? Feel free to get in touch if you want to collaborate with me or have any questions!


I live in the beautiful city of Vaasa, Finland, but is very happy to travel to photograph you. 


Kind regards, Daniela 



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